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No matter what your reason is for installing a fence on your property, you have to make sure it’s done properly. Since it’s exposed to harsh weather conditions, you have to use the right fencing materials and do what can be done to protect it. If you want to fence your property in Mansfield, WA or a portion of it, leave it to us. M.T. M&M Fence Company is a certified, insured, and bonded fence contractor. We have different fencing services for you, check them below.

The Fencing Services We Offer

Fencing Services

Fencing Services
We will assist you in choosing the best materials for the fence that you want for your home or business. Whether you want to install a fence on the entire parameter or just a specific area, we make sure it's properly done. If your fence needs upkeep you can turn to us as well.

Farm and Ranch Metal Fencing Services

Farm and Ranch Metal Fencing Services
A metal fence is not cheap at all but it's a good investment. With regular maintenance, the metal fence can last for decades. We take the right measurements so you do not have to deal with excess materials that are expensive. We check the materials carefully to ensure quality.

Fence Removal

Fence Removal
Do not want your old fence anymore? Is your fence too old to be repaired? Leave the fence removal to us. We carefully remove the fence to ensure we do not damage its surroundings. We can also take care of the disposal of the old fence. You do not have to worry about it anymore.

Fence Installation

Fence Installation
When installing a fence, we make sure we get the right materials with the right color or finish. We want people to look at your fence not only as a barrier but as an addition to the aesthetics of your property. For us, it's important that everything about your fence is good.

Fence Repair

Fence Repair
Whether we have to deal with minor or major repairs on the fence, we have the capacity to handle that. We will give your fence a thorough check so we will find all the damaged areas. You do not have to worry about these damaged areas once we are done repairing them.

Benefits of Hiring Us

When we launched our own fence company in 2020, we already have 2 decades of industry experience. You can be assured that we can provide you the fence repair and installation that you need for your property. We are confident to provide warranties on our fence services because we know it will surely last for a long time. We choose the materials that we use carefully and use our time-tested fencing solutions as well.

Equipped to be Efficient

We do not rely on our knowledge and experience alone. We invested in the tools that we need to work on the fence efficiently. We have acquired special equipment and we are trained to handle it. We can work in a timely manner while keeping ourselves and the area working safely. Whether you need a metal fence repair or installation, we can work on that in a short period of time without compromising quality.

Fencing in More Cities

Aside from Mansfield, WA, we also offer our fencing services in other cities. Whether you need a wood fence installation, repair, or removal and your home or business is in any of these cities, do not hesitate to call us.

  • Bridgeport, WA
  • CouleeTown, WA

Want a beautiful and durable fence on your property? Call M.T. M&M Fence Company today so we can set an appointment for you.

Client’s Testimonial

by Katherine Macht on M.T. M&M Fence Company

Thank you for installing the fence in our backyard! I love the material that you suggested. It worked well with our landscaping. No doubt, you are the best fence contractor in town!

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